Turn any surface into a Drum Kit!

DrumsAnywhere is a new innovative software that will turn any ordinary surface (e.g. your desk, everyday objects, or even the walls and the floor of your room) into an advanced electronic drum set. No extra hardware needed apart of a single microphone. Use practically anything as your drum pads, really! Download a free demo here.

How it works?

1. Attach a microphone into your surface. A contact (piezo) microphone is recommended.
2. Indicate the position of the virtual drum pads by tapping a few times on your surface.
3. That’s all! Now, you can enjoy the most realistic, natural and fun drumming experience possible. Use a drumstick, a pencil or even your fingers to play your percussion.

DrumsAnywhere Screenshot



Velocity-sensitive and highly responsive

Just like the expensive electronic drum kits, DrumsAnywhere is also velocity sensitive. In simple words, this means that the harder you hit the surface, the louder the drum sound will be. This allows you to play drums very expressively. Capture the nuance and the expressive power of the human drummer.


Low-latency performance

For drummers, low latency is very important. There must be no audible delay between the time the drum is struck, and when the sound is heard. DrumsAnywhere is optimized for ultra-fast response.

For this reason, ASIO compatibility is provided. DrumsAnywhere will work with ordinary (non-ASIO) sound cards as well.


High quality digital sounds

DrumsAnywhere comes bundled with nine (9) quality percussion kits suitable for different styles of music. Of course, you can provide your own sounds as well. Your imagination is the limit.

Here is a complete list of the sound sets included:

1. Acoustic Drum Set

2. Rock Drums

3. Garage Rock Drums

4. Jazz Drums

5. Latin Percussion

6. Classical Percussion

7. Epic/Cinematic Percussion

8. Dubstep/Electronica

9. TR-808 Electronic Drums

MIDI output

DrumsAnywhere can be used as a MIDI controller as well. It can send MIDI output to the software of your choice (Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, VST/AU plug-ins, etc.). Record your performances as MIDI files.



The heart of DrumsAnywhere is a proprietary algorithm called WaveTrack.

As the surface is hit, the acoustic impulse causes multiple reflections in the medium. Those are analyzed by WaveTrack algorithm and the precise location of the impact is pinpointed. Only a single microphone is needed.

If you are interested in using WaveTrack in your application, we would be happy to discuss with you the options. Contact us here.





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